One minute you’re cruising around the park, the next minute your hoverboard breaks and won’t start. Our hoverboards encounter various problems, especially with regular use.

And one of those problems that are common is that one wheel of your hoverboard works and the other wheel doesn’t. This has happened to every hoverboard owner at some point. Here’s how to fix it if you don’t feel like paying the repair costs.

What is the problem?

If you have a problem with one side of your hoverboard working and the other side not, keep calm and don’t panic. This is probably one of the best problems you can have with your hoverboard.

It would be worse if both sides of the hoverboard don’t work, which could be due to a faulty gyroscope, motherboard, or in-wheel motor. However, if only one side of the hoverboard is not working, in most cases the cause of the problem is a faulty gyroscope.

You need to make sure to replace your gyroscope with a perfect replacement to solve the problem on that one side of the hoverboard working not working.

You may even have tried calibrating your hoverboard and people on the internet are telling you this will make it work again. If you’ve tried all of the above and still can’t balance the wheel on your hoverboard, it’s time to dig deeper into the issue. This guide will walk you through the steps required to fix the issue.

Here are 6 steps to make your hoverboard work

1. Recalibrate

I said it before. However, if you have not yet performed a calibration, you should do so. This is the most common method to fix a hoverboard that is not balanced. If it doesn’t work, go to step 2.

2. Check the wires.

The inside of a hoverboard isn’t what most expect. It consists of a multitude of computer chips, wires, and a battery. To check for loose wires inside, take a Phillips screwdriver and open up your hoverboard.

Look inside carefully to inspect the wires inside and see if anything is disconnected. Be careful not to do this with your eyes and look out for broken or exposed battery cables. Didn’t find anything loose? Continue with step 3.

3. Replace Gyroscope

At this point in the game, the most common winning move is throwing pieces onto the board. The usual culprit for a hoverboard not balancing on one side is the gyroscope, which sits next to the wheel on that side.

However, knowing the problem and fixing it are two separate things. In the early days of hoverboards, there were only a small handful of companies making the circuit boards.

was not a difficult task. If you can find an identical gyroscope (and I have to stress that IDENTICAL) replacing it should fix your hoverboard. These days I advise against swapping the gyroscope as it is difficult to find an identical match. The mismatch could cause problems such as smoke and fire. I prefer step 4 so go ahead.

4. Replace Circuit Boards

Rather than spending time changing the terrible part (if you may even discover it), my idea is to get yourself an alternative circuit board package. With this package, you may be changing all of the circuit forums' interiors.

To get a brand new package head over to our hoverboard circuit forums save and select one that could be a comparable configuration to what’s already on the interior of your hoverboard.

There are numerous versions of the circuit board kit that s used in the interior of hoverboards. Technology adjustments so package configuration is relatively depending on which 12 months the hoverboard become built.

The satisfactory manner to make certain you are shopping for the appropriate package is to open your hoverboard and examine the package interior to those in our save.

For the maximum their appearance is typically the same (3-laptop package vs 2-laptop package so on and so forth), they may in all likelihood work.

Intimidated or now no longer positive the way to update the circuit forums? We made a how-to video approximately changing hoverboard circuit forums to make it less complicated for you.

Hopefully, this step labored for you, due to the fact we discover that it fixes approximately 90% of all hoverboards that now no longer stability on one side. If now no longer, pass directly to step 5.

5. Replace the Wheel

If all else fails, we have got determined the very last issue we do fixes the rest of the hoverboards. Replace the wheel at the aspect of the hoverboard that isn’t always balancing and also you must be in your way.

Now, as appears to be the fashion with hoverboard parts, it sounds less complicated than it is. Again, inside the early years of hoverboards, there had been just a few corporations that synthetic hoverboard wheels (additionally referred to as motors).

Additionally, protection requirements have been modified through the years and there is then one style of connectors/ends. As of 2021, the ends are both gentle and green, or tough and black. They, unfortunately, aren’t like-minded with one another.

If you are considering changing the wheel in your hoverboard, simply be cautious that you’ll want to open up your hoverboard and take a look at which wheel kind you have. Order the identical wheel kind and length as your unique and also you must be in enterprise after changing it.

6. Buy New Hoverboard

Sometimes solving a damaged hoverboard simply is not well worth the time and/or the money. In that case, it can be time to throw the towel and purchase a brand new hoverboard.

Parting words

If one aspect of your hoverboard refuses to feature and your hoverboard fails to balance, don’t be troubled or worry.

It’s maximum probable your gyroscope that’s now no longer in suitable operating condition.

Open up your hoverboard to pick out the sort of gyroscope your hoverboard uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my hoverboard?

Without shifting your hoverboard, press and preserve the main power button for 10 seconds. Ignore all flashing lighting fixtures and beeps on this 10 seconds. Then release the power button and flip the hoverboard off. The hoverboard is now reset and equipped to be grown to become on.

Why my hoverboard is not balancing?

If there are loose wires on your hoverboard you could be confident this is the purpose why your hoverboard might not balance. Disconnected wires that could purpose this hassle encompass the motor wires, gyroscope wires, and motherboard wires.